Overview i-PAN7

Keith & Koep introduces powerful and compact touchpanel PCs with the i-PAN touchscreen computers. They are available in different sizes and configurations. E.g. the device can be used as a HMI industrial PC for controlling, data collection and processing, navigation, or as a simple panel for output of images and sound. Depending on the version, Microsoft Windows CE, Embedded Compact 7 and Android / Linux operating systems are available.


i-PAN7-Front-sheet-metal-constr-350x315Px.png Compact Touch Panel Computer with metal assembly frame

This 7.0 inch touchscreen solution is a powerful and complete touchpanel PC. With its compact, flat metal frame, the i-PAN7 is designed for quick and simple integration in an existing frame and functional enhancement such as an industrial HMI. Both resistive and capacitive touch displays are available. The i-PAN7 is based on SODIMM 200 module technology and can be equipped with a Trizeps VI or a Trizeps VII (Solo or DualLite), depending on the processor performance required.

i-PAN7 Variants: