nConXS Eval-Kit

i.MX28 Evaluation Kit with 7.0" LCD Display, capacitive touch

For Trizeps MX28 SODIMM 200 CPU-Modules, technical data based on Trizeps MX28 and nConXS



Low Power Freescale i.MX287 CPU, 454MHz

RAM Memory

DDR2-RAM, 128 MB

Flash Storage

Onboard 4 Bit wide μSD Socket for Cards up to 32 GBB


Display Interfaces: 18 Bit RGB LCD interface for res./cap. Touch panels (3.5", 4.3", 5.0", 5.7" and 7.0"), LVDS interface (20 pin conn.), LCD backlight +12V (optional +5V), res. Touch panels (4 wire), optional cap. Touch panels I2C (20 pin conn.)

Features: 10/100 Mbit Ethernet, USB2.0-A Host and OTG, SD/MMC Card Socket, D-Sub 9 RS232, stereo headphone 3.5mm, LEDs, Realtime Clock with 3V battery


Extension Connector: 28 pin SL-2 2,54mm extension header

Extension interfaces: Power, 2x UART, CAN, 2x I2C, GPIO, ADCs, ‚SPI

General Details

Display: 7.0" TFT-Display 800 x 480 pixel, Touch capacitive

Board Support Package: Windows Embedded 6.0 R3

Voltage Supply: Industrial +12V supply

Support Level 1: Evaluation-Kit with BSP (binary), support on website /
Support Level 2: phone and email support for 180 days (at office time), basic hardware application notes /
Support Level 3: advanced hardware application notes, design kit including evaluation board schematics (NDA required)

Dimensions: 180 mm x 160 mm x 228 mm (W x H x D)

Include: nConXS Baseboard, Trizeps MX28, 7" display, μSD Card, acrylic glass base, power supply

Technical modifications reserved, errors excepted

Compatible with


Trizeps SODIMM 200 Baseboard
Trizeps MX28

Freescale i.MX28 SODIMM-200 CPU-Module