Product overview

The baseboards support all functionalities and interfaces of the Trizeps and Myon CPU modules (according to the model). They can be integrated directly into a project or could be used as a reference design for custom specific developments. Individual interface modifications are relatively simple because all the important and critical components are already integrated on the Trizeps and Myon CPU modules.


Qualcomm Snapdragon carrierboard for Myon I CPU module

Industrial baseboard for Myon I with Snapdragon 410E for IoT and handheld devices. The additional expansion connectors are compatible with DragonBoard 410c.

Myon with Snapdragon 410


i.MX6, i.MX 8M carrierboard for Trizeps CPU modules

This very compact and multifunctional baseboard supports all functionalities of the Trizeps VII, Trizeps VIII, Trizeps VIII Mini SOMs. In addition to numerous standard interfaces, an analog camera interface and a Mini PCI Express card edge connector are available. The baseboard supports a lot of LCD displays thank to the HDMI, Dual LVDS and touchscreen LCD interfaces. It is available as a low cost and a full function version.

i.MX 6 Carrierboard, PCI Express, Camera ...


i.MX 6 carrierboard for Trizeps VII CPU module

A very multifunctional and scalable i.MX 6 baseboard for Trizeps VII with a wide range of interfaces. The ConXT baseboard supports for example 2x Ethernet, 2x CAN, 2x USB, RS232, RS485, analog camera, touchscreen LCD interfaces.



i.MX6, i.MX 8M carrierboard for Trizeps CPU modules

An also very compact and multifunctional baseboard for Trizeps VII, Trizeps VIII and Trizeps VIII Mini. In addition to standard interfaces a CAN transceiver is integrated. The iP5-Base board supports like the pConXS HDMI, Dual LVDS and Touchscreen LCD interfaces. This enable the connection of many LCD displays.

i.MX 6 Carrierboard, CAN, RS232 ...


i.MX28 and XScale carrierboard for Trizeps CPU modules

The universal Baseboard for Trizeps IV-M, IV-WL, V, VI and MX28 SODIMM 200 Modules. The board is equipped with a LCD connector for the EDT family concept, which allows to connect a wide range of displays at the same connector.