Trizeps MX28

Very compact entry-level CPU module with i.MX28

Trizeps MX28_Front_OG_550x200Px.png

Trizeps MX28_Back_OG_550x200Px.png

  • NXP i.MX 28 SODIMM-200 CPU-Module (before Freescale)
  • Low power module
  • Trizeps SODIMM-200 compatible
  • Onboard μSD Socket
  • 2x FlexCAN and 2x Ethernet


Constantly high quality through multi-stage test of each individual CPU module
To ensure a constantly high quality, each individual CPU module is passed through a multi-stage test. The test result covers 100% of all interfaces.
• AOI/MOI: Multiple automatic and manual optical control of each CPU module during the production.
• JTAG/Boundary Scan Test: JTAG/Boundary Scan Test: The signal of each pin which is accessible via the JTAG chain is checked for connection, shorts, missing pull-up/down resistors. The DDR Ram is tested for row/column pin assignment.
• Functional tests of high-speed and analog interfaces (Ethernet, display, USB, audio, etc.) which are not testable via JTAG


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