SOM technology

Advantages in development and production

SODIMM-200-technology-450x338Px.png The world's first ARM-based SOMs (System on Module) were created by Keith & Koep. The Trizeps I was the first CPU module in which the idea was realised to offer recurring core elements of an embedded system in the form factor of a SODIMM module. With this system development times for hardware and software can be cut significantly and faster time-to-market can be ensured.

This idea has slowly taken root and is meanwhile applied worldwide, for example, in the fields of industrial and medical engineering. The system later on became international industry standard. The first CPU module generation was SODIMM 144 standard, which was then replaced by SODIMM 200 standard due to the need for continuously more interfaces.

SODIMM standard ensures mutual pin compatibility of the Trizeps modules. It therefore takes litte effort to upgrade to a current Trizeps CPU module. The Keith & Koep SODIMM 200 standard is the world's longest-established SODIMM standard and is recreated by various companies.

With the Myon module series, Keith & Koep launched a new generation of SOMs with a very compact form factor. This enables the Myon CPU modules to be easily integrated into high performance IoT and battery-powered handheld devices. This module series is also designed for mutual high pin compatibility.


Advantages of the Keith & Koep SOM technology:

  • To reduce the effort of hardware design on the customer side, a Trizeps and Myon CPU module comes with all important and critical components.
  • The remaining hardware design of the customer only contains interface connections.
  • The SODIMM contact system of the Trizeps CPU modues is absolutely „ruggedised“ and is used in extreme scenarios. Because of their significantly smaller design compared to the Trizeps series, the Myon CPU modules are designed for very compact devices.
  • Thanks to their construction, the Trizeps and Myon SOMs can be installed in almost any housing design.
  • An early start to software development is made possible with a reference design of our evaluation kits or baseboards.
  • The Board Support Package (BSP) developed by Keith & Koep permits the individual integration of customer-specifi c drivers. Software Development Kits (SDK) are also available for the development of customer applications.
  • As a long-standing Microsoft Gold Partner, we are able to implement quickly projects with Windows Embedded OS (CE 5.0, CE 6.0 R3, Compact 7 and 2013) and Windows 10 IoT Core OS.
  • In addition to a Microsoft solution, Keith & Koep also offers an Android/Linux development kit. The kit provides a virtual machine with Ubuntu LTS, which contains a specific BSP and permits the straightforward generation of an OS image for Trizeps and Myon SOMs.

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