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System Development: as component or complete solution

Entwicklung Keith-koep We develop and produce hardware and software components. The number and type of services our customers request is determined by the requirements of the project: we work on individual solutions, are involved in conceptual design and tailor service packages to individual customer requirements. Thanks to our many years of experience, we can provide reliable forecasts on technological feasibility, identify time-to-market periods and give raw cost estimates already in the definition stage of products. We can thus minimise development risks already in the run-up. Solutions developed by us remain up to date and secure thanks to detailed product documentation and long-term product care. We also accompany certification processes, e.g. CE certification, emission testing procedures and operating system certification.

Our speciality: OS Integration on ARM Systems

Composing-Win+Android+Linux-300x188Px.png The perfect interplay of hardware and software is the optimum solution. We therefore invest a lot of time and energy in the adaptation of the BSP (Board Support Package) to the respective Trizeps SODIMM components. The integration of Windows CE and Compact 7 or 2013 embedded operating system is one of our main focuses. We were able to stand our ground with this system on the huge market of small computers, PDAs, mobile phones and set-top boxes very early on, and are the Microsoft partner in Europe with the most experience and largest number of successfully implemented projects in this field. We are therefore in a position to realise your Windows CE and Compact 7 or 2013 projects faster and more efficiently – a non-cash benefit in terms of time and expertise. The BSPs developed by Keith & Koep permit individual integration of customer-specific drivers. Software Development Kits (SDK) are also available for the development of customer applications.

In addition to Microsoft Embedded operating systems, Keith & Koep also offers Linux/Android solutions. These operating systems have also been adapted extensively to our hardware and can be used for professional solutions. It is also a development kit available that provides a virtual machine with Ubuntu LTS and includes a specific BSP. This kit permits the straightforward generation of an OS image for Myon and Trizeps CPU modules.

Microsoft Windows 10 IoT Core is available for the new CPU modules. Keith & Koep is one of the few companies worldwide which offers Windows 10 IoT Core support.


Beratung-Px300x188.png For the successful implementation of new product ideas it is important to be involved in development work as early as possible. We therefore offer joint project coordination that is able to guarantee final product quality as closely as possible. This includes integrated consulting that can be retrieved as a full service or for particular sub-steps. The sustainability of our solutions also includes comprehensive after-sales service, if required. Our aim is to ensure long-term availability of customer products. We therefore ensure already in development that each of our products can be produced over a long production period with as few modifications as possible. We offer our customers:


  • Feasibility studies: Product planning, system conception, choice of technology, system draft, cost estimate
  • Hardware development: Electronic systems development, definition of technology and implementation
  • System analyses: Concept analyses, hardware and software definition
  • System engineering: Software design and implementation, programming of reliable and real-time systems
  • Production concepts: Choice of production method, production tools and product components, introduction of quality control concepts
  • Product care and support: Support concepts for long-term product care and support/service requirements

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